The American Suicide Cult

Anthony Bourdain’s suicide hits me pretty hard in this particular moment. I used to watch his show regularly during my Wilderness years, living in the mountains outside of Santiago de Chile, and struggling with my own depression and suicidal thoughts. At present, I’m living not too far from that house, and it was around this […]

Radical Attachment

The Distinctiveness of Christian Ethics in Opposition to Stoicism and Rome The emotional and spiritual void of post-modern consumer life is leading many in our generation to search the archives of history for philosophical answers to their discontent. The recent surge in the popularity of Stoicism is one example. But like many other spiritual trends in […]

The Unlikely Do-Over

[IMPORTANT NOTE: I take no position on whether Brexit was good or bad, and none of the following is to be construed as favoring Brexit. I am merely providing an objective political analysis of the situation in the aftermath] All this “Brexit might not happen” talk is interesting, and contains elements of truth, but I […]