Confidence is not the certainty that you will succeed, but the suspension of disbelief about the overwhelming odds against you.

The suspension of disbelief is the root of all faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. 

Faith, then requires the hope of something.

If the thing hoped for is meaningless, Faith is in vain.

Therefore, to have Confidence in one’s endeavors, one must Hope for things which are good.

  • Miareeva

    Love this sentiment!

    • Skinner Layne

      Thanks Mia!

  • Luis Celis

    So at the end of the day, what it is important is to take out of our lives “the envy”. So now lets find out the ways to be less envious. That is tricky part and then after we know how, the next question is how to do it daily!

    I have an approach of how to achieve it.

    As everybody know a person that is viceral by nature, they are kindness,friendliness,love. I have two examples to share Confucio the chinese, Thomas moro the english.

    So an easy way to get in deep with their thoughts and the way were they; is to read a highly reccomended book “Utopia” from Thomas Moro.