There is no authentic You trapped inside, trying to get out. There is no real You under the surface that needs to be discovered or found. There is no You that a backpacking trip to India will unearth. There is no You that is supposed to be doing something great.

There is only the You that exists. The You whose existence you work to make into something meaningful. It will only be through your working out of the issues of your existence that will lead, or not lead, to something great, or something mediocre. What is great or mediocre is also a set of definitions you must work out.

There is no template or rubric anybody else can give you to solve your problems or make your life worth living. There will be no lasting epiphany that happens to you one day that will change the course of your life forever. There can only be gradual revelation, through intentional awareness of your life and consistent consciousness coupled with grueling hard work and the acceptance of continual pain and disappointment.

These are the tools you must use to craft an authentic You. These are the tools you must use to hack your way into a life that is truly worth living. But these tools will give you blisters and callouses, and will tire you. These tools will eat away at your resolve. And that’s why most people’s lives are filled with mediocrity and meaninglessness–because most people are too lazy to grasp the freedom they have to craft their own existence and instead let inertia drive them from necessity to necessity until the grave swallows their old, decrepit body.

Fight inertia. Fight entropy. Grow, don’t decay, as you age.  Don’t be like most people. The You that you can create is much more interesting than the You you believe you can discover.