A Lenten Prayer

Loving God,

Awake my soul to your splendor, compassion, and Love.

Awake in my spirit the joy that exists deep within, but which has lied dormant for most of my life due to my laziness, vanity, and pride.

Renew my gratitude for all of the gifts you have bestowed upon me–

for my health, my mental acuity, my kind heart, my gentleness, my capacity to give and receive Love,

for my fortunate circumstances in having the support and confidence of others to build a place of healing for the world,

for my sweet mother, my loyal brother, my supportive friends, the affection and ever-present companionship of my dogs,

for the experiences that have led me to grow in mind and spirit–however chastising they may feel to be at times,

for a future I cannot know, except that it holds unimaginable opportunities to Live Fully, Love Unconditionally, to heal and to be healed,

and for the knowledge that I am never alone, never forgotten, never neglected in this life.

Grant me that in this day and all that are to come that I may be disciplined to improve my diligence in my labor and relationships,

that I never again take for granted the people who love me and give of themselves for my benefit,

that I may learn to be more sensitive and responsive to the needs of those most dear to me,

that I may be defended against my own proclivities toward self-pity and despair,

that I may strive in all of my comings and goings to be of a peaceful disposition, in times of both mirth and sadness,

ever-anchored in the knowledge that you have granted me agency over my actions, freedom of will, control of my emotions,

and it is only I, in my indolence and sloth, that allow myself to be discontented

only I that permit myself to endure the illegitimate suffering that vanquishes joy and alienates my loved ones.

May austerity, whether of material things, affection, companionship, or of any other kind never grieve me again,

May prosperity in these things never again lull me into complacence.

In and Through, and ever-strengthened, edified, and uplifted by Christ the Archetype of all that is Good, all that is Love, all that is to be desired,

Now and Forever.


  • Domenico Cafarchia

    and nothing more….