Music and Life

From my journal this morning: Turning on classical music transports me to another realm–a land of beauty and possibility. Music is timeless because it is an aesthetic derived from mathematics itself. It is a harmony deeply embedded in the nature of Nature. The operations of chemistry and biology, even physics are less pure than music. […]

The Escape of Believable Unreality

History has seen man move toward ever-more believable unrealities because man does not want to contemplate the truth of existence. From anthropomorphic gods to Theater to Disneyland to Oculus Rift, we see that imagination leads technology in our attempt to escape the brutal truth that existence itself has no explanation, that life is suffering punctuated […]

The Dangers of Anesthesia

An unusually high rate of complications and even spiritual deaths associated with general anesthesia have been reported in people using specific anesthetics common in contemporary life, including: Facebook, Video Games, iPhones, Alcohol, Recreational Drugs, Vacation, Serf Labor, and Dogmatic Religion. These anesthetics may prove highly addictive, sought out to ward off the pain of existence […]