Calling From Silence

Much if not most of our behavior stems compulsively from our boredom. We spend hours on Facebook because we are bored. We fill our lives with appointments and events and functions because we are bored. We watch TV, read books, and fill our lives with endless distractions principally because we are bored. Sadly, we even […]

God is Love

We were born to love–to love unconditionally and without cease, to pour out ourselves to others and give from the limitless depths of our own soul the imitation of God’s divine love for us, a fountain of joy and a spring of refreshing hope. Our world knows very little of love. What we colloquially refer […]

A Lenten Prayer

Loving God, Awake my soul to your splendor, compassion, and Love. Awake in my spirit the joy that exists deep within, but which has lied dormant for most of my life due to my laziness, vanity, and pride. Renew my gratitude for all of the gifts you have bestowed upon me– for my health, my […]