Pursuing and Relinquishing

The pursuit of one’s calling in life requires a constant process of letting go. Many of life’s possibilities are incompatible with my calling, and others are incompatible with yours. The ongoing effort of discernment is the way in which we discover these incompatibilities, and the work of depression is the labor required to let go […]

The True Friend

The time I spend explaining Struggling to justify myself To win approval from friends Who want to display me on their shelf, What waste, what squander Of precious health and time On shallow acquaintances who Would deny me at mere rumor of crime. ‘Tis sweet the rare encounter Of soul with soul when “All is […]

Calling From Silence

Much if not most of our behavior stems compulsively from our boredom. We spend hours on Facebook because we are bored. We fill our lives with appointments and events and functions because we are bored. We watch TV, read books, and fill our lives with endless distractions principally because we are bored. Sadly, we even […]